Do your back-ups work?

Last Friday we asked if your back-ups work. Many answered saying their in fact have back-ups.

To be clear, we were asking if your back-ups work.

Good back-ups are the unsung heroes of any Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan.

At some point you were probably told your systems have top notch security and are virtually impenetrable? Even as good as I believe we are, no security measures are infallible and Mother Nature usually wins. I can’t tell you how many times we were called in to new clients and when we had to go to the backups, nothing worked. But they did have numerous invoices showing backup verifications.

As I’ve said above, no solution promises 100% protection, which makes having back-up across all workloads so crucial. Backing up cloud data, such as Office 365 and Azure, is just as important as backing-up the data on your servers.

When crafting a back-up and disaster recovery strategy don’t overlook recovery responsibilities. Testing your backups daily is critical to make sure data is recoverable. Backing up emails, files/folders, and server images is worthless if you can’t restore the data when you need it.

Test your provider, have them restore a few random files.

Or hire us.

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