Going I.T. alone?

Your current situation.

You have a guy that does your I.T. or one of your employees has been saddled with the responsibility.

And this “guy” helps you find the cheapest possible solutions to keep your family safe.

Yes your family, after-all what would happen to your family if your company lost all of its data or was compromised? After the mass exodus of your clients and business partners, how would you feed, clothe and shelter your family?

Still waiting for the checklist of things they should be doing to keep you safe? Nah, this is not that kind of post.

Why am I posting this?

I spoke with a prospect a few weeks ago and they literally balked at the cost of keeping their data and clients safe.

Their response?

“The only customer data we have is  their name, family members,  addresses and credit card numbers, it’s not important stuff like medical information. Our guy only charges us $450 a month to support and secure all 23 of our people.”

When I heard that I wanted to run out of there. But I had to at least tell them that “not important” information is priceless and must be secured.

Your responsibility?

Secure your data, secure your family, secure your future.

Needless to say, I am no longer a customer of theirs and I’ve asked for my information to be purged but I doubt they will.

P.S. if your guy or provider uses or recommends Webroot or Malwarebytes, call us for peace of mind.

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