Is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) dead?

What is the typical use case for VDI?

You have workloads on internal servers where best practice dictates only controlled access from within your network is allowed. Fair enough.

You were told VDI will save you money?

How? Is my first question.

  1. You still need a computer to access the VDI from.
    1. That computer should be secured appropriately.
  2. The servers will need to be upgraded eventually and there will be downtime for a cut over.
  3. You have now created a centralized point of failure subject to many variables for further failure.

But hey, someone told you you’d save money by letting them charge you to build and maintain it.

Your workload is in someones public cloud.

If you don’t have local servers for much more than Active Directory & File Sharing, then VDI is a dinosaur to you. No amount of buzz words should justify the cost and alleged savings of building out that infrastructure.

What you should do is protect your workforce and resources with comparatively infallible solutions that actually provide the purported benefits of VDI.

Let’s have that conversation.

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