Kidnap & ransom insurance is good to have…

…but not something you discuss with just anyone. And that is how we feel about I.T. Security.

I know we are supposed to market our wares to get you all hot and bothered with all the exciting tools we use, but think about this if you will;

Do you really want to expose your flanks, or would you rather be prepared to repel the attack(s) while gathering as much intel as possible to consistently be prepared as you can be for the next wave?

It’s with this in mind we have taken all vendor mentions and logos off of our site, well except for Microsoft. Its pretty hard to do anything without them (no Windows XP machines here). I continue to stand by my credo of being forgotten by or clients (except when the invoice comes that is), after-all if we’re doing our job, you’ll be focused on other things and have that peace of mind we sold you.

Let’s cut to the chase, why do we think I.T. Security important to you?

Your resources are valuable to you. The perimeter has dissolved and it’s the time of the digital identity and its multiple devices and apps. The traditional ways of managing security aren’t keeping up. Digital transformation demands a change in security programs—security must be continuous, integrated, flexible and private in a digital world.

The choice is yours.

If you’d aspire to be like a certain D.O.D. sub-contractor, give attackers the road-map to your front door by having your provider list you alongside their vendors on their website. Two for the price of none.

If on the other hand peace of mind is what you seek and any of this resonates with you, let us have a private conversation about how we can be of help in safeguarding your IT systems and your future.

Remember, privacy and security can be mutually exclusive. But shouldn’t be.

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Plans are useless but planning is indispensable and crisis will reveal how you operate.

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