Opportunity Cost & Stagnation.

Lets really dive in to this. Why aren’t you innovating? Why aren’t you an industry leader? Why are you behind your peers?

  • Is it because you’re still running that Windows 7 computer your provider sold you an extended support contract on to eek out a few more dollars from you.
  • Is it because when it comes to I.T., you have a “guy” for that?
  • Is it because you place no real value on I.T.?

Let’s use the Windows 7 example, because providers near and far are trying to sell this bit of snakeoil with particular vigor. And I promise you, the level of incompatibility with today’s software and that extended support Windows 7 computer will only make your provider more money at well, your expense. And if your Line of Business software only works on an end of life solution, your LOB is end of life too.

Cost is more than just the direct cost of acquisition, its the total cost of ownership, the opportunity cost of not taking action or taking action.

Not once have I ever believed what was done today is good enough for tomorrow because to me, stagnation is death.

I’m fortunate to have time devoted to reading and learning, vetting new solutions, coming up with new offerings. This luxury affords our clients a solid foundation to build upon.

You can do the unimaginable with your own imagination. Nothing is impossible. Even the word ’impossible’ says ’I’m possible’. Read that again.

 Let’s push forward, let’s go past what they say cannot be done.

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