Ransomware is progress.

From the beginning of time, data has been the most valuable asset. Money, gold, diamonds and anything we’ve place a value on were merely  constructs created to trade for this data.

Just so happens, Ransomware is today’s construct. Created to conceal data theft, because what was once your data, will be sold.

Do you understand what happens between discovering a ransomware attack and the ransom request?

  1. The data is parsed and categorized for sale and/or release.
    1. This can lead to greenmail or blackmail.
  2. You just compromised your customers and business partners.
  3. You’ve lost any anonymity you once thought you had.
  4. Your data is no longer YOUR data.

How will your business survive?

  1. Data is your most valuable commodity, when taken what do you have left?
  2. A steadily decreasing bank balance and Customer list?
  3. Acquaintances who were once your employees, will your employees stick around without being paid?
  4. Will insurance  cover your losses?
  5. How will you rebuild consumer confidence, if you can?

Now let’s get down to brass tacks.

Have you taken the appropriate steps to protect your data? After your data has been ripped out from under you, can you still call it yours?

I’d wager the perpetrator likely has a more up to data copy of your data than you are in possession of yourself.

Whose copy is worth more and to whom?

What can you do about it?

What if I told you there is a way to mitigated the damage and safeguard your data even after it’s been stolen from your business.

If your current I.T. haven’t the ability to devise much less implement what we are doing. Empower yourself and have a consultation call with us. You may find us too expensive, but at least you’ll know what is possible after your company gets hit.

As always, if you’re currently an Expertly Managed client of ours, this solution is already in place. If you’re not, perhaps it’s time you become Expertly Managed.

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