Seeking Peace of Mind?

That is a pretty heavy question and everyone has a different answer. To be of service to all of our clients we’ve put together a list of questions below to help you understand what peace of mind could be for you, is it;

  • Having the time to focus on your business?
  • Knowing exactly what’s covered in your IT agreement?
  • Having your software updated when needed?
  • Having a fixed price that scales with you?
  • Clarity in what has been done and what is to be done?
  • Having access to a technical bench to take care of your needs?
  • Having your IT problems dealt with before they become an issue?
  • Having your systems secured?
  • Not having to worry about Network Hardware failure?
  • Minimizing the number of IT vendors you have or have to deal with?
  • Knowing your IT systems will work when they have to?

If any the above resonates with you, then Peace of Mind for you may be our Expertly Managed Subscription.

What is our Expertly Managed Subscription?

At its very basic premise, our Expertly Managed Subscription (EMS) Based Plan has three components, each with a fixed price and fixed set of features. Your cost fluctuates by  user count, server count and site count.

Our EMS plan born out of our need to to give you a solution built on various tools, processes, procedures tied together with our strong technical bench.

Most types of projects are included in this type of subscription. With this method you know the exact cost allocated to each user as they are hired, each server as they are acquired and each site as they are added.

Need to lift and shift your data to the cloud, it’s covered. Need technical support for an audit, it’s covered.

Doesn’t get much clearer or less complicated than this, let us help with your journey towards peace of mind.

Every company is a technology company at this point, and technology should not be our limiting factor.

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